Course Overview

Effectively managing top talent is crucial for maximizing their potential and ensuring organizational success. This course will delve into a few topics, supplemented by real-world examples.

What will I learn?

  • Getting the Right Top Talent on Board: Identify Real Needs for Top Talent; Attract and Recruit the Right Talent
  • Effective Management of Top Talent: Trust, Support, and Empowerment are key interconnected elements; The integration of trust, support and empowerment forms the cornerstone of a workplace culture that inspires individuals to reach their highest potential
  • Essential Skills for Effective Management of Top Talent
  • Managerial Agility in Exceptional Situations: Recognizing Odd Situations; Managerial Agility; Real-World Case Studies

Yi Zhao

Former Fortune 100 Company Senior Executives

Dr. Yi Zhao has over 25 years of experience as a seasoned senior executive in the ICT industry, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills that consistently drive success. Notably, he established the North American business from the ground up for China's largest technology company as the inaugural employee in the region. Dr. Zhao is widely recognized as a global thought leader providing valuable insights into technological advancement, innovation, and strategic efforts. Furthermore, as a dedicated educator, he plays a vital role in advancing industry knowledge and mentoring aspiring ICT professionals.